DOJ Dossier Memo – James Comey hid crimes of paedophile law firms defrauding client millions

DOJ Dossier Memo – James Comey hid crimes of paedophile law firms defrauding client
Dismissal of FBI Director James Comey escalates concern at large paedophile law firms
defrauding millions in client funds, whom Comey was protecting, in donor blackmail
schemes tying into Hillary Clinton family and also Bush family ‘foundations’; threats to FBI
agents, DOJ staff, US lawyers if they challenge crimes indulged by Comey
Media campaign against President Trump over Comey firing, heavily led by media who
earned paedophile bribery cash, now fearing criminal indictment under new US Attorney
General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III … US Dept of Justice files show paedophile and
terrorism cash buying ‘Fake News’ at New York Times, UK Guardian; pro-Comey, anti-
Trump attacks from rogue US intel tied to Edward Snowden hoaxes
FBI Comey role re bribing 2 federal judges; channelling funds from foreign child rape and
terrorist groups; ‘pay us or we kill you’ extortion; selling ‘comfort letters’ to paedophiles; false
evidence and perjury in USA federal courts; fraudulent documents claiming that witness
journalist ‘agreed’ to lifelong ban of his own freedom of speech and press; Comey indulging
racist hate of ‘n-ggers’ and dissident ‘kike Jew f-ckers’; paedophile, bribery and terrorist acts
violating laws in at least six countries
Paedophile-supporting top lawyer of Google, David Drummond, aiding paedophile criminals
at Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, in scheme centred in office of Joan Ann Lukey in
Boston … Paedophile teams dominated Wikipedia / Google, helping paedophiles and
terrorists in marketing and defaming witnesses to their crimes
Comey’s allies at Google mask his misconduct
It is significantly due to James Comey’s own malfeasance in office, that Comey’s involvement
in major international criminal acts is not better known, given that Comey’s paedophile
network whom he supported, included above all, the key internet control figure of David
Drummond of Google Inc / Alphabet, making bribery payments to US federal judge Norman
Moon, who issued ‘court orders to Google’ to hide from Google search the crimes of the
whole paedophile group, including crimes of Google and Judge Moon themselves.
Blackmail of political donors at law firms where Comey can cash his earned bribes
It is long understood amongst the oligarchy of US politics, that major political donors reap
some ‘tickets’ to avoid prosecution, and that US law firms and judges assist in punching those
tickets. However, much to the horror of higher-integrity FBI agents, Comey indulged a
radical extension of ‘political donors’ privilege’ by some corrupt large ‘high-powered’ law
firms, such as Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, which involved blackmailing those political
donors themselves after lawyers advised and recommended and pushed clients into
committing major criminal acts, including terrorism, paedophile-related extortion, and more.
After the political donor to Clinton or Bush joins in the criminal acts advised by the lawyers,
the donor is in a life-long blackmail trap where they must forever pay legal fees, Clinton
donations, etc., to avoid prosecution.
The success of these blackmail-trap crimes by US law firms, was based on two supports, both
indulged by Comey – (1) The fact that the in-effect blackmailed political donor, was also
advised to escalate ‘donations’ of millions to Clinton or Bush and their ‘foundations’, makingthe Clinton – Bush – Obama governments likely to grant non-prosecution favours; and (2) The
fact that the paedophile law firms also bribed USA federal judges as part of the crime
process, enabling the law firms to trade on the traditional US Dept of Justice reluctance to
expose that US judges are being bribed.
In the eyes of some at FBI and DOJ, over-whelmed by the politically-dominant Comey and
others, this whole law-firm game of tricking and inducing major felonies by political donors,
then extorting millions of legal fees from those donors for years, marketed as ‘protection’ of
these wealthy felons, with a pyramid of profits on a base of ongoing US federal judge
bribery, was too much. In the eyes of more honest FBI and DOJ staff, this is out of control,
becoming a major assault on the Constitution of the United States, and causing increasing
harm to the leverage of the US legal system as the Comey-protected crimes become
increasingly known to world governments and corporations.
There has been significant fear at the paedophile law firms of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale
since President Trump’s victory, fear that increased with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as
Attorney General, an AG who seems to dislike paedophiles and who does not seem to be
quite so ready to indulge law firms defrauding political donors out of millions of funds after
inducing them into committing terrorist and other felonies. This fear is now moving toward
panic levels with the firing of the paedophile law firms’ good friend at the FBI, James Comey,
with AG Jeff Sessions’ concurring recommendation.
Bribery of key media has been a key role in these law firm crimes, as well as they key
deception and hoaxing role of the paedophile-immersed chief lawyer of Google, David
Drummond, who gives free web hosting to millionaire paedophiles who wish to use fake
names, Drummond then placing these pro-paedophile sites at #1 in search results, whilst
illegally censoring victims from replying, and also promoting and protecting Drummond’s
paedophile partners amongst Wikipedia administrators. This has led to Drummond and
Google becoming known as paedophile violators of the European Convention on Human
Rights and the United Nations charter.
Major key media involving in being bribed by paedophile law firms and their partners, are
the same media involved in leading attacks on US President Donald Trump – the New York
Times, the UK Guardian, and CNN, CNN’s book-publishing division marketing novels of a
paedophile author, supported by CNN-created Fake News video newscasts.
In his final letter to FBI staff Comey boasts “I will be fine”, hinting how he can cash in at
firms whose ugly paedophile crimes he indulged – perhaps at Ropes Gray or WilmerHale.
Court filing on crimes Comey indulged
A significant court filing was made in Westminster Magistrates Court UK in 2016, detailing
some of the paedophile crimes in the US which James Comey was indulging, crimes which
including funding for the bribery of two US federal judges by Britain’s Pearson plc media
company, supplying bribery, extortion and terrorism funding to Ropes Gray, WilmerHale and
various other US parties.
Matters discussed in that court document, include the bribery of the paedophile media now
involved in the anti-Trump, pro-Comey media blasts, the role of the paedophile-supporting
chief lawyer of Google, David Drummond, and much other background. Links to that court
filing are below.
Danger and threats to US public officials, even AG Jeff Sessions himselfAs is clear in the DOJ files on the paedophile crimes Comey was indulging, there is a history
of escalation in the crimes, a willingness by WilmerHale, Ropes Gray and others, to commit
even more brutal terrorist acts to cover up for their earlier crimes. Instead of backing off or
apologising to victims, their paedophile terrorist group has the instinct to double down and
escalate, warning they will ‘F-ck you up, slander you, kill you.’
Joan Ann Lukey of Ropes Gray Boston, took great pleasure in making a laughing menace of
murder of Boston federal prosecutor Carmen Ortiz, recalling how two other female
prosecutors who investigated crimes of Bush-Clinton political donors had wound up dead.
‘Same thing’s gonna happen to you, motherf-cker!’
James Comey knew well that he had enough evidence to imprison Joan Ann Lukey for the
rest of her life for the multiple terrorist felonies and defrauding of client funds she has been
running out of Boston law offices, but chose to indulge her and the menace to murder a US
Attorney, along with her planting tens of thousands of words of lies on the internet, bribing
the Boston Globe and New York Times staff, etc.
There is clearly a willingness to kill on the part of this crime group, and more honest and
courageous groups within the FBI and DOJ would like to shut them down, But before they go
down, this group would not hesitate to murder FBI agents or murder Attorney General
Sessions himself with funds supplied by the UK’s Pearson, if they felt able to succeed at it.
Ropes Gray and WilmerHale have a sales pitch to Attorney General Sessions, trading on the
old stand-bys: ‘Isn’t it better to just hide how law firms like us bribe federal judges in the
United States? Isn’t it better if that does not become well-known? After all, we pushed the
people we defrauded into paying millions to the Clintons and the Bushes. Wouldn’t you like
a share of the bribes we are paying, too, Mr Sessions?’
From DOJ Files – Quotes from the Comey-protected paedophile and terrorist crew
‘It’s all really simple. You pay millions to bribe US Presidents, and you get to bribe the
federal judges … There is no f-cking ‘US Constitution’ … The ‘Constitution’ belongs to
people like me, who own the f-cking judges!’
‘Everything we do is ‘legal’ because we’re bribing American judges, that makes anything f-
cking legal … Bribed American judges, motherf-cker, that’s the game we play. What game
are you playing, motherf-cker? … Bribed American judges and Google, What the f-ck are
you going to do about it?’
‘So you have evidence, motherf-cker? We’ll have some of the judges I’m bribing take a look at
your evidence and f-cking bury it, and that’ll take care of your evidence, motherf-cker!’
‘Any lawyer tries to f-ck with my sh-t in America, I’ll have my judges fix his f-ckin’ ass, He’ll
hear me say, that’s the last day you practice law, motherf-cker!’
‘Every dumbf-ck in the world believes Wikipedia! … I love planting sh-t on Wikipedia and
watching the whole world lick up my sh-t … copied 100,000 times all over the internet!’
‘Keep your mouth shut you stupid f-cker, can have you totally destroyed on Google! … The
best part of banning someone is totally slandering the motherf-cker … I love being able to
tell people I hate, You are totally slandered, motherf-cker, and there is f-cking nothing you
can do about it!’Bribery of Harvard University, intimidation of Harvard Law School professors
There are large Department of Justice files enabling Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring
a string of felony indictments later this year, in the major Pearson paedophile scheme with the
Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms, which involve threatening to kill a Harvard graduate
who is an award-winning former US Department of Justice employee, a formerly nationally-
known anti-corruption book author, and a major witness regarding these crimes to DOJ and to
European governments and EU Commission. Some FBI agents, suppressed by Comey,
greatly respect this Harvard graduate, who risked his own life to defend the US Constitution
against the Comey-indulged paedophile group.
The Ropes Gray and WilmerHale law firms have joined in threatening to murder this Harvard
graduate, stalking him with harassing e-mails and computer viruses and tens of thousands of
words of defamation, and making criminal arrangements with their paedophile partner at
Google to block his self-defence against lies and hoaxes.
But a major concern of Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been the possibility that a group of
Harvard Law School professors organise to defend this Harvard alumni, given the professors
could also earn some millions in fees for representing the victim of terrorist crimes by these
law firms and their paedophile group. At Boston law offices, these lawyers discuss that a
single Harvard law professor could be undermined and murdered as necessary, but that a
group of Harvard law faculty might overwhelm matters and spur DOJ indictments, prison
terms and other serious consequences for Ropes Gray and WilmerHale.
The Pearson paedophile scheme with Ropes Gray and WilmerHale, has been significantly
supported by two Harvard faculty, one a lover of a paedophile in these law firms’ blackmail
trap, the other the notorious Cass Sunstein closely associated with Hillary Clinton, Cass
Sunstein publishing propaganda for paedophile Wikipedia criminals and US paedophile intel
agents, and apparently using his role at the Obama White House to benefit the paedophile
group. Ironically, Sunstein knows his victim very personally, as they lived in Currier House
Harvard at the same time as Harvard undergraduates.
By way of large-scale bribery, million-dollar paedophile-tied donations were made to
Harvard University, as an attempt to turn Harvard administrators into agents of the
paedophile scheme threatening to murder Harvard Law professors if any of them would
speak out to defend the human rights of one of the bravest of Harvard alumni.
The Comey gang attack on President Trump and the Edward Snowden hoaxers
Although the general public is not aware, every major government knows what Russia’s
President Putin hints about his guest, that ‘Edward Snowden’ is in fact a massive hoax run by
USA intel agency rogue schemers, Snowden never having ‘stolen’ any documents, but in fact
being an agent of blackmail and deception of the world.
The files and intel agency reports proving this beyond any shadow of a doubt, are well-
masked by Google and major media. The files tell how, laughably, Snowden first ‘leaked’ to
Dick Cheney’s friend and biographer at the Washington Post; how Snowden avoids the
paedophile evidence regarding the same US judge group who would ‘put Snowden on trial’,
etc. Excerpts from the European intel agency files on the Snowden fraud can be found here:
Very absurdly, this proven liar and hoaxer Edward Snowden, who at times openly promotes
paedophile media (who sold the Snowden story) and other paedophile organisations, has nowtweeted propaganda in favour of paedophile-enabler James Comey, in a direct assault to
undermine the Trump presidency.
What makes this astonishing is the fact that Snowden himself is a CIA asset, and thus CIA
director Mike Pompeo should be ensuring that Snowden is not undermining President Trump
whilst he is doing all his other hoax activities. If the US administration is not willing to
openly admit that Snowden was a CIA fraud all along, the Snowden hoax should be wound
down quickly in one of the ways clearly available.
Court filings and links
Here is the UK court filing material, archived on the web in this page amongst others. For a
summary overview of Comey-indulged crimes well-established in DOJ files, scroll down in
this long filing to the heading:
Details & origin of the Pearson-Google bribery terrorism scheme
Significant for the background, is the report at European police agencies and governments, on
the operations of paedophiles amongst the highest levels of Wikipedia administrators, and
involved with the crimes protected by James Comey. This report was originally written for
the police of Finland but has since become standard gov’t reference regarding crimes
conducted through Wikipedia, operated by paedophile personalities tied to rogue lawless
elements in intel agencies. The report discusses the ’20 Major Techniques of Wikipedia
deception’ used by paedophiles and much else.
This material has become very significant to governments around the world, being part of the
EU actions against Google Inc / Alphabet, actions by China and Turkey re Google and
Wikipedia, etc
EU police file on Wikipedia, the fraudulent ‘encyclopaedia’ run by paedophiles:
Contact for more information
This file has been prepared amongst members of the international Jewish community
supporting Dr Les (Leszek – Leslie) Sachs, Witness to the European Commission and EU
governments on US legal & media corruption, in Brussels, Belgium, represented and
protected by the law office of Georges-Henri Beauthier, Brussels.
For further details, Dr Les Sachs can be contacted personally at:


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